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Dual CS-508 turntable

Dual CS-508 turntable - $60
No Headshell
Need pitch control belt
2 Speed (33.33/45) RPM
Cue Control with Pilot Control
Automatic Tonearm Set down
Anti-Skating Control
Belt Drive
Strobe Light
Motor: 16 Pole Asynch Motor
Precision Flat Belt Flywheel Drive
Via DUAL SM-100 Drive System
Non-Magnetic, Removable, 0.9kg, 304mm
Pitch Control:  6% Both Speeds
Wow & Flutter: DIN:  +/- 0.07%,  WRMS:  +/- 0.04%
Rumble: Unweighted:  > 48dB, Weighted:  > 70dB
TONEARM:   Distortion Free ULM (Ultra Low Mass) tubular aluminum
mounted in a 4 point gimbal bearing. 221mm.
Cartridge: Accepts all 1/2" mount with
a weight of 4.5-10 grams (incl. mounting)
Removable Headshell.  5mm Overhang.
Tracking Force:  0-3 grams
Made in Germany